thefakesoundofleerkat asked: JIMON


thefakesoundofleerkat asked: Simbo sounds like Simba. I won't tolerate that. Jimon sounds so much better. Jai-monn. It is clearly Jimon. It has always been Jimon. >:(

C’mon. It’s the one true name.
Simbo. It’s cuddly. Like them.
There’s even a fucking DANCE…..
You can picture it. ‘nuff said.

Anonymous asked: That's the cutest description of a first beard I've ever seen. Thank you, I'll use bum fluff from now on!

Glad to be of service. Use it in conversation, it’ll go down a storm xx

Anonymous asked: what IS bum fluff omg

Omg I’m dying XD

When one is young and one starts to grow one’s first beard, the lovely, soft, yet somewhat sparse initial growth (as beautifully demonstrated by the lovely James in that gorgeous photo) is often, in colloquial English, called ‘Bum Fluff’ (because everyone has a fluffy bum, right? No? Just me? Okaaaaay……anywaaaaaay…)

Hope that helps, dear, dear Anon


Rod Smith on Flickr

Went to the most amazing cave today. Grotte de la Salamandre near Uzes. Did I say amazing?